Frequently Asked Questions

About groupado 4 questions
  • Who can host experiences on groupado?

    Any experienced person willing to pass on their knowledge to others. Organize cooking classes, start language teaching, offer city tours or sport activities – and much more.

  • What is groupado?

    groupado is an innovative tool and platform that allows anyone to host experiences and participate in them. 

    You are welcome to create and join:

    • Online and offline events
    • Events for global or local communities
    • Private or public events

    groupado smart technology makes it easy! Create your experience, join events, share information, communicate with inspiring people, and earn extra income. 

    • Unlimited number of experiences you can create
    • Approval process less than 24 hours
    • Online payment with multiple currencies supported worldwide
    • Unlimited ‘free experiences’ – no fees
    • Free in-house groupado web video conference tool: host online experiences with unlimited timing, unlimited participants, and all devices support
    • Geo-localization to discover nearby experiences in a few clicks
  • groupado App

    Download groupado App from Apple store  or Google play to enjoy its features and stay up to date with our push notifications.

    We keep improving our App. Make sure you keep it updated.

  • How groupado pays?

    Your earnings on groupado will be paid via your bank account or PayPal account.

    A minimum withdrawal amount is $100 or equal. Read more.

Experience 10 questions
  • Who can host experiences on groupado?

    Any experienced person willing to pass on their knowledge to others. Organize cooking classes, start language teaching, offer city tours or sport activities – and much more.

  • What is groupado experience?

    groupado experiences are events and activities created by talented people from all over the world. Dance classes, workouts, group hiking trips, concerts, language lessons, cooking performances, piano classes, self-development sessions – and more. 

    Experiences can be hosted online via groupado in-house conference tool or using a third party software. Besides, experiences can be hosted offline at a certain location.

    Learn How to create an online and offline experience. 

  • What happens if the experience I participated in was a scam?

    groupado team only approves an experience after checking the identity of the creator. Besides, the creator’s transactions are held until the experience is completed. Therefore, you can request a refund and notify groupado support if you notice any strange activity.

  • What if I booked an experience but my plans changed?

    If the experience you participated in was refundable, you can cancel your ticket and receive your refund within 2-3 working days (depending on your bank policy). If the experience was non-refundable, you won’t be able to request a refund.

  • What happens if my guest cancels the booking?

    If your guest cancels the booking, you will receive a notification via your account, mobile App, and email.

    The guest will get a refund in case your experience is refundable. The related amount won’t appear in your earnings.

  • Can I reply or remove a review?

    You can’t reply or remove a review that users leave on your profile.

    However, you can contact us if you disagree with it.

  • Can I edit the review I wrote?

    Once you submit a review, you can’t edit or delete it.

  • Can I set requirements for guests to join my experience?

    Yes. while creating your experience, you can set the requirements as follows:

    • Minimum age
    • Equipment needed (example: resistance band, weights, etc.)
    • Certain level or certification
  • Can I edit a confirmed experience?

    In order to build guest-creator trust and for security reasons, the creator can’t edit a confirmed experience. However, it can be managed. Learn more.

  • What is the approval process?

    Once you submit your experience, groupado team will review it. You will receive an approval email if your experience meets groupado requirements, or an invitation to edit your experience if it doesn’t.

Payout 5 questions
  • How do I use PayPal to receive payouts?

    groupado allows you to receive payouts directly in your PayPal account. Make sure to add your email registered with PayPal in ‘Payout Details’ before requesting a payout.

  • Can I choose a payout currency?

    Yes, you can choose payout currency before submitting a payout request. Select the preferred currency in your ‘Payout Details’.

  • Where can I find my payout information?

    You can find your payout information in ‘My earnings’ under ‘Payout history’.

    Total earnings is the total amount of what you’ve earned since you joined groupado.

  • How do payouts for experiences work?

    Add your details and preferred currency to your payout request.

    Learn how to request a payout.

    Once we receive your payout request, we will process it.

    Please note: Receiving the transaction might take up to 2-3 days for local UAE bank accounts and 5-7 working days for international bank accounts.

  • How groupado pays?

    Your earnings on groupado will be paid via your bank account or PayPal account.

    A minimum withdrawal amount is $100 or equal. Read more.

groupado Ambassadors 9 questions

    As a creator-ambassador, you will support groupado. So if people have a problem with the tool, you need to help them to solve it. 

    1. Find the real problem, it can be hidden.
    2. Contact us if you can’t solve it.
    3. Comfort them to win a little time in solving the problem.

    Sometimes people just forget. You also need to know that only 20% of people you attract could be very active creators. 

    Push those being idle and doing nothing by reminding them about groupado at least once per week, but don’t waste your time if they seem uninterested.

  • Should I Create Experiences For Creators If They Don’t Want To Do It By Themselves?

    Absolutely not. You can only help them to understand the tool, but never do it for them. You should convince them that groupado is an exciting opportunity and explain that it only takes about 10 minutes to create an experience on our site.


    You bring as many as possible because it makes a direct impact on the amount of money you could earn with us. 


    Start with your friends and relatives as you already know their knowledge base and skills. When meeting new interesting people mention groupado and discover if there are common interests.

    Discuss groupado with people that you currently pay for services. Your stylist, nail stylist, barber, coach, yoga teacher can all be loyal groupado creators.

    Search on Instagram, using hashtags describing typical experiences: courses, classes, coaches, school, workshop, workout, training, lection, activity, guide, etc. Choose those having at least 5000 followers and reach out to them. 


    You can always ask for help from the team at groupado, we will be glad to guide you to success.

    You only need to be honest, open, confident and support groupado, because people will follow your excitement. 

    Here are some reasons for creators to use groupado:

    1. We help to turn passive Instagram audiences into customers. Many of those who like your pictures may be influenced to pay money for tickets to an event or experience you create.

    2. We are a tool for fast sales. Creators just need to give the link to their followers by promoting it on social media.

    3. We are growing fast and soon we will be able to bring many new customers to creators through our website and app. 

    4. We have a low and competitive fee – only 5% of the booking price. 


    To bring new creators to groupado. It usually works in 5 steps:

    1. You meet a potential creator and discuss with them what they do, what they need, and how they want to grow.
    2. You find common ground i.e. how groupado can help them with their goals (to raise their audience, to make arrangements simpler for them, to be an automation tool, etc)
    3. You explain to the creator why they should use groupado.
    4. You answer questions and help them work through any obstacles they may be faced with when setting up experiences. 
    5. You have them sign up with your unique link before creating their first experience.

    When you have brought creators to groupado, you will keep supporting them and help them to create future experiences. The more experiences they create, the more money you make. 


    If you have many friends who could be potential creators, you can bring them to groupado. For that, you get a portion of the creators’ income besides what you make on your own experiences.

  • What Is The Affiliate Program?

    It is our offer to you for additional income. You need to sign up via link and, after our approval, share your affiliate link to other people who can become potential new creators for groupado.

    Once they sign up and start to create their experiences, you will get 5% of their income on groupado, every time somebody books their experiences. The more creators you bring, the more money you make. 

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