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A person or company who creates own experiences and brings other creators. We pay 5% of the income of all creators you brought. Once new creators sign up using your referral link and sell their experiences, you earn money again and again. To become an ambassador, you need to apply on

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Adventure, service or event that you throw and sell on groupado. For example city tour, workshop, cooking class, quest, game session, extreme adventure, consultation, party, etc. 

You post experiences on groupado and people book their participation and pay.

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Experience creator

A person who arranges experiences. You can become an experience creator if you have skills or good ideas of experiences to offer people. You can be a private creator or create experiences on behalf of your company. To create the first experience you need to sign up on and send us a scan copy of ID/company documents for approval.

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Mutual experiences

The experiences made by two or more different creators. You can collaborate to attract more audience together. Find your fellow on groupado and offer mutual experiences. For example “yoga + healthy food”, “make-up + hairstyle”, “English class + boardgames session”.

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