About groupado

Who can host experiences on groupado?

    Any experienced person willing to pass on their knowledge to others. Organize cooking classes, start language teaching, offer city tours or sport activities – and much more.

    What is groupado?

      groupado is an innovative tool and platform that allows anyone to host experiences and participate in them.  You are welcome to create and join: Online and offline events Events for global or local communities Private or public events groupado smart technology makes it easy! Create your experience, join events, share information, communicate with inspiring people, and earn extra income.  Unlimited number of experiences you can create Approval process less than 24 hours Online payment with multiple currencies supported worldwide Unlimited ‘free experiences’ – no fees Free in-house groupado web video conference tool: host online experiences with unlimited timing, unlimited participants, and all devices support Geo-localization to discover nearby experiences in a few clicks

      groupado App

        Download groupado App from Apple store  or Google play to enjoy its features and stay up to date with our push notifications. We keep improving our App. Make sure you keep it updated.

        How groupado pays?

          Your earnings on groupado will be paid via your bank account or PayPal account. A minimum withdrawal amount is $100 or equal. Read more.