Who can host experiences on groupado?

    Any experienced person willing to pass on their knowledge to others. Organize cooking classes, start language teaching, offer city tours or sport activities – and much more.

    What is groupado experience?

      groupado experiences are events and activities created by talented people from all over the world. Dance classes, workouts, group hiking trips, concerts, language lessons, cooking performances, piano classes, self-development sessions – and more.  Experiences can be hosted online via groupado in-house conference tool or using a third party software. Besides, experiences can be hosted offline at a certain location. Learn How to create an online and offline experience. 

      What happens if the experience I participated in was a scam?

        groupado team only approves an experience after checking the identity of the creator. Besides, the creator’s transactions are held until the experience is completed. Therefore, you can request a refund and notify groupado support if you notice any strange activity.

        What if I booked an experience but my plans changed?

          If the experience you participated in was refundable, you can cancel your ticket and receive your refund within 2-3 working days (depending on your bank policy). If the experience was non-refundable, you won’t be able to request a refund.

          What happens if my guest cancels the booking?

            If your guest cancels the booking, you will receive a notification via your account, mobile App, and email. The guest will get a refund in case your experience is refundable. The related amount won’t appear in your earnings.

            Can I reply or remove a review?

              You can’t reply or remove a review that users leave on your profile. However, you can contact us if you disagree with it.

              Can I edit a confirmed experience?

                In order to build guest-creator trust and for security reasons, the creator can’t edit a confirmed experience. However, it can be managed. Learn more.

                What is the approval process?

                  Once you submit your experience, groupado team will review it. You will receive an approval email if your experience meets groupado requirements, or an invitation to edit your experience if it doesn’t.