How do I use PayPal to receive payouts?

    groupado allows you to receive payouts directly in your PayPal account. Make sure to add your email registered with PayPal in ‘Payout Details’ before requesting a payout.

    Can I choose a payout currency?

      Yes, you can choose payout currency before submitting a payout request. Select the preferred currency in your ‘Payout Details’.

      Where can I find my payout information?

        You can find your payout information in ‘My earnings’ under ‘Payout history’. Total earnings is the total amount of what you’ve earned since you joined groupado.

        How do payouts for experiences work?

          Add your details and preferred currency to your payout request. Learn how to request a payout. Once we receive your payout request, we will process it. Please note: Receiving the transaction might take up to 2-3 days for local UAE bank accounts and 5-7 working days for international bank accounts.

          How groupado pays?

            Your earnings on groupado will be paid via your bank account or PayPal account. A minimum withdrawal amount is $100 or equal. Read more.